What is Computer Science?

Computer science is a discipline that spans theory and practice based on mathematics and physics. Computer scientists must be experienced in modeling and analyzing problems. With Computer Science, you can create anything and do anything :D.


Implement and development of a web-based system to explore Urban Perception in street images, using Deep Learning models to associate safe perception with perceptual scores. This project aims to explain why and how a model learns to percept.

Regarding specific objectives:
- Web-based system to explore urban perception.
- Train a deep learning model to associate perceptions with perceptual scores.
- Deep Learning Explanation method to study the behavior of the predictor.



Design, implementation, and development of a transversal, flexible, and scalable ICT infrastructure based on Fog Computing Technology allows the greater abstraction of data coming from mobile devices and sensors modules.

Regarding specific objectives:
- Development of libraries on the Web Server.
- Implementation of a concurrent and scalable database.
- Recognition and sending / receiving of data from the sensors to the server.